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Zevo Bug Spray – Zevo bug spray review… does it work

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Today i will be reviewing Zevo bug/roach spray… Does it work!

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Zevo Bug Spray - Zevo bug spray review... does it work

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34 responses to “Zevo Bug Spray – New”

  1. I read the reviews on their official website and they have bad things to say about it like they smell really bad and one of them even said they had a cat and it died being around the smell and I know it smells because I have it too and it does not work and not worth the 7 dollars

  2. I had mini gnats and this does work on them asap. Yes, it does have a unique scent not crazy unpleasant BUT noticeable. I would also recommend it.

  3. Hi, I'm a firm believer of this product; Zevo does really work. It's made using essential oils, like lemongrass, which is much safer for the environment. Unlike the other mainstream insecticides, like Raid or Black Flag, this product actually kills on contact: it paralyzes the pest, be it roach or fly, and it renders it dead instantaneously. I really recommend this household product. I'm gotten rid of cockroaches in my home. Yes, it's got a funky smell to it. But it's worth it every time.

  4. I moved to an appointment and they keep coming up my drain pipes and cupboards in the middle of the night. Will this work on surfaces after it has dried while I’m sleeping?

  5. Before I brought Zevo I was fighting roaches every night in the kitchen. But after Zevo, no more turning on the light and watching roaches scattered like a city shoot out.

  6. It works but the scent is horrible very strong and doesn't go away for days! It's very oily and will drip on your hands. I won't use anymore because of the lingering scent!.

  7. Did you have trouble getting your bottle to spray? Mine won't spray at all.. If I use it, I might have to put it into another spray bottle.

  8. hey Wishful Review thanks for the review you got me excited about this product finally something that finally might work!

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