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Wild Waves Theme And Water Park – Wild Waves Theme & Water Park Tour & Review with The Legend

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Join the legend as he shows you around the wild waves theme and water park located outside of seattle, washington. This video shows off all the roller coasters, rides and slides this pacific northwest amusement park has to offer. Highlight attractions include: timberhawk ride of prey, the wild thing, lumberjack falls, timber axe, kang-a-bounce, riptide, zooma falls and more.

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Wild Waves Theme And Water Park - Wild Waves Theme & Water Park Tour & Review with The Legend

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  2. When I went, I thought, this is definitely up there with Lagoon, my other childhood amusement park, then I actually went back to Lagoon, and it was incomparable! Colossus had to be my favorite, with Cannibal and Wild mouse too! Wild mouse is surprisingly fun, and their loop-o-Plane is super neat and classic! Not going back to Wild Waves for a while. EDIT: Wicked has a weird layout, change my mind

  3. I got tons of airtime on Timberhawk, probably since I’m smaller, and their seatbelts had to be tucked into the sides so they would fit me lol. Wild Waves operators were also insane, at one point a ride operator jumped on the hood of the front car on Timberhawk and started dancing. Most of them were teens who were likely underpaid, and overworked. Wild Waves was surreal with those employees

  4. It’s going to wild waves tomorrow so I was like you know it’s gonna be like 70 so I can’t like go on water rides so maybe I’m gonna check out the theme park rides

  5. I'm going here tomorrow! I wasn't sure what to expect so I looked up videos and found this!
    I appreciate your friendly commentary :)) I'm glad you critiqued the park so I don't get my hopes up too high
    still looks like a lot of fun though!!

  6. I grew up in that neighborhood in the 70s and 80s. Before the water park was built. The place was called" Enchanted Village". Similar to "Enchanted Forest" south of Salem Oregon. Wild waves opened when I was 15. Twenty minute bike ride away. It was wild for only the first year. The zip line was so fast you could do a double backflip when it stopped. The river rafting was likely to tip you over in two spots if you didn't know the corner. My favorite thing to do was run over kids in the wave pool with the canvas style 2'x3' floats available for rent. The season pass the first two years was $27.

  7. I was just at the park today and in addition to the rides that were closed when you were there, the Timber Hawk, Lumberjack Falls AND Timber Axe were all closed! It was Memorial Day so the park was packed and the lines for what few rides were open were long. They should offer a major discount when so many rides are closed, especially one of their only two big coasters!! The Klondike Gold Rush has been closed for going on ten years (or more!!) now. I can’t remember the last time it was running.

  8. Great video those 2 big black slides are called the cannonball slides just in case if you didn’t know those are my all-time favorite slides! Unfortunately those two other slides have been closed since 2016 idk why though jumping rock is actually pretty cool believe it or not it actually used to be a zip line until 2009. I really like this park but they really took out a lot of things this year 🙁

  9. I am sorry to say this is actually my least favorite amusement park. They hardly had anything to do in the dry park for young adults and some rides like the Klondike Gold Rush were closed. Thankfully I found Timberhawk to be one of my favorite wooden roller coasters and the waterpark was very enjoyable. I wouldn't be in a hurry to return if I was in Seattle again but I would consider it if they added something new and exciting in the future.

  10. Made my only visit to Wild Waves in June 2019. The conveyor belt was for a dry tubing ride down the hill, which was open at the time. The deep pool shotgun style slides were also open and were pretty crazy…you could even jump into the pool off those small man made cliffs. The wild mouse was closed during our visit and looked like it probably hadnt operated at all that particular season.

  11. I went to this park on Labor Day weekend 2019. Half the amusement rides were closed. And half the open ones had rotating ops. Staffing seemed like an issue pre-pandemic too.

    The abandoned conveyor belt was for a dry tubing experience that was still there (but closed) in 2019. Santa's Village has the same thing in YouTubing.

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