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Walmart San Angelo – The Detention at Walmart in San Angelo | October 4, 2020

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▶︎The Detention at Walmart in San Angelo, Texas, United States, October 4, 2020 – On January 4, 2021, a YouTube video began circulating on the San Angelo Police Department’s Facebook Page. The incident took place on October 4, 2020. The Axon Body Camera footage, recorded by a patrol officer employed by the San Angelo Police Department, recorded a response to a call for service regarding an alleged intoxicated driver with a child passenger who had entered a local shopping center. Officers were advised that the subject was inside the store and had been in the parking lot harassing people. The subject was described as a white male, approximately 5’09”, with brown curly hair. The vehicle was described as a black Chevrolet Equinox with a known license plate and possible three-year-old child passenger. Officers arrived and located the vehicle in question parked and unoccupied, which led the officers to believe that the child may be inside with the involved citizen. As seen in the recording, the responding officers entered the store and detained a man that matched the description listed in the call notes. The detained man was also accompanied by a small child. During the course of the officers’ detention and interaction with the man whom they believed could be the alleged driver, the officers attempted to compel the man to identify himself. When the man failed to comply with their requests to identify himself, the officers used physical force to effect an arrest for the charge of Failure to Identity when the elements of that offense were not, in fact, met. There have been false reports circulating that the citizen’s child was left solely in the care of a store employee throughout the duration of the incident when, in fact, a San Angelo Police Officer remained with the child until the incident’s conclusion. Department officials have been in contact with the involved citizen since shortly after the event and the Department’s Office of Professional Standards initiated an internal investigation on October 5, 2020. The disposition of the investigation has not been finalized. “The responding officers clearly mishandled the incident through a mistake in law. The expectation is that all SAPD officers know the law and apply it properly and a failure to do so does not meet our policy or standards. We are very fortunate that one of our Patrol Supervisors swiftly intervened and prevented further harm to this man by releasing him before he was taken to jail. I recognize incidents such as this can lead to losing public confidence in police and I take our responsibilities to the public very seriously. It only takes one incident like this to undo the years of hard work and positive interactions by so many officers who are truly dedicated to protecting and serving the public. My administration is aware of the depth of feeling surrounding this incident as well as the issue of police misconduct in our society. We are committed to policing our community with dignity, respect, fairness, and empathy — and when those important values are not being met — we will do everything we can to learn from it and take corrective action.” — Chief of Police, Frank Carter.

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Walmart San Angelo - The Detention at Walmart in San Angelo | October 4, 2020

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  1. This could be a case of justifiable homicide under color of law against the officers acting under color of law. Jus have to be faster then them.

  2. The sad thing about this is even after recieving remedial training on Texas 38.02 the fat POS cop who arrested this innocent guy faced an interview with professional standards officers and the idiot still didnt understand a damn thing about TX penal code 38.02.
    This is what your tax dollars are wasted on folks. Plus a $290,000 settlement for unlawful arrest by these clowns in San Angelo TX.

  3. When multiple police officers have to release a man all they can say for themselves is “there was a misunderstanding of the law”, there is an extremely serious issue. You are LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS! Understanding the law is LITERALLY YOUR JOBS.

  4. This is how fucking ignorant and dumb cops are, they haven’t got the faintest clue about the most fundamental laws that governs detention, reasonable suspicion, failure to I.D or use of force.

    They walked up to a random guy at walmart, started interrogsting him, and when he declined to I.D, they ganged up and assaulted him.

    Not until a supervisor shows up to explain to these knuckledraggers how fucked they are do they let him go.

  5. Stupid cops with egos so big they just don’t listen until too late. Hope this guy gets a crap ton of money in his lawsuit.

  6. This is why I will always shoot cops on sight. I will risk my life, but I will take 10 of theirs. I respect cop killers as heroes. Until entire PD changes, this will happen. Warning to all COPS: VIOLATE MY RIGHTS, YOU ARE DEAD! No courts, no laws, no GOD!

  7. I love all these bootlicker Walmart shoppers and employees going up to the cops thanking them "for all they do" whilst violating a citizens rights. Thank you so much officer!

  8. This was not a misunderstanding of the law! This was an abuse of power, and lack of training . If you are charged with enforcing the law you should KNOW the law. But then they think it's ok to taze a man covered in gasoline

  9. These keystone cops should be suspended without pay and should have a written letter to that young man that was humiliated abused in front of everybody and especially in front of his child. Is police like this that give police a bad name and it's a waste of taxpayers money when we have idiots like that with guns walking around the city. Shame on that Police department.

  10. Oh my gosh, these officers are in violation of their oath. I'm all for supporting the police, but this has become too common of an issue where civilians who understand the law better are liable to get baselessly arrested.

  11. Everyone of these SCUMBAG , POS , NAZI cops need to pay out of their own pockets, hope they all get sued and loose EVERYTHING !….END QULIFIED IMMUNITY NOW !

  12. This ought to be inexcusable. This kind of behavior should disqualify them from from ever being cops again. And the fact that none of these cops prevented it from happening is a condemnation of them as well. Heinous bullshit

  13. Wow… These pigs are clueless.. watch the international investigation video on this, the fat one still didn't understand the law even weeks later. Scary.

  14. Unreal. Lord do they like booze. So they turned him into a drunk. There was supposed to be an incident, but no one knows who or what was involved. The supposed offended one didn't exist. The cops wanted something to do so they did this stuff. Unreal. Now quit resisting while I'm trying to smash your head into the pop machine,

  15. Note that the police come in with masks on, leave with their masks off, and remove the mask from stale arrestee. This mask shit is SUCH a hoax.

  16. This fucked up society we live in. This man was called up on for a crime he didn't do most likely because of his mask he is wearing and then the police officers do this to him! Fuck this shit!

  17. Why does robocop keep bleeding his hydraulic lines!!!! Sounds just like a Pete blowing off excess air pressure!!!! Fuck 12

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