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Walmart Round Rock – Tornado spotted at Walmart in Round Rock

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A tornado was spotted at a Walmart in Round Rock as severe weather impacted all of Central Texas.


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Walmart Round Rock - Tornado spotted at Walmart in Round Rock

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  1. What are you yelling at everyone for? Are you in command or sometime? You yell at me like that I’ll come over and kick you in the nuts .

  2. I have a cousin who used to live here years ago. I saw her for the 3rd time this month. Once for my uncle's 90th birthday, and two funerals, thursday last week (aunt) & today (my mom). Strange how life turns out, isn't it? God has different plans than we do.

  3. KPRC, that's "Ya Boi James Watson" for the credit. He was very clear on Twitter about how to credit him when using his video.

  4. I count many idiots in this video. The Darwin award goes to the Walmart employee in the parking lot taking a video.

  5. That car blew into my parking lot after it tipped, I have the Walmart letters safe in my store if they’d want their destroyed letters back

  6. The Austin area doesn’t have a tornado warning system! We wouldn’t have known a thing if they didn’t ping everyone’s cell phone. The Austin area which includes Round Rock doesn’t hardly ever have tornadoes, but it would be nice to have a city-wide system. Austin isn’t in “tornado alley”. The weather is definitely changing. I think this is going to be a recurring thing. If it can snow in Texas twice a year for 2 years in a row with really cold temps for days, then tornadoes will be the norm in places that never had to deal with them before…

  7. why these mother fuckers trying to find parking slots. But up next to building and bail. I hope some of these MFers went flying. Es stupido pendejas

  8. I was at a large retail store working years ago and when a tornado warning was issued for the location, sirens going off, and a watch had been in effect for hours. People were still driving up to the store to shop and wondering around to the back of the store where everyone was huddled down as if nothing was going on. They were pushing around a shopping cart looking at us as if we should be up front on the registers scanning their groceries. People are absolutely and utterly stupid and humanity is doomed.

  9. I’m surprised more people don’t run toward the funnel and see if they can get sucked up into the vortex. Think of the likes they could get on their social media.

  10. They should at least chase the tornado away with rocks if they ever go to school and know the different types of rocks taught in Earth science!

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