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The Conqueror Challenge – Virtual Race 2021: The Conqueror Virtual Challenges Race Review | Best Virtual Race 2021

Pots Virtual Race 2021: The Conqueror Virtual Challenges Race Review | Best Virtual Race 2021 on the topic of The Conqueror Challenge You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s avescanarias learn about Virtual Race 2021: The Conqueror Virtual Challenges Race Review | Best Virtual Race 2021 in today’s post!

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Introduce about Virtual Race 2021: The Conqueror Virtual Challenges Race Review | Best Virtual Race 2021

Full Review & Breakdown of the Conqueror virtual Challenges. Is it the best virtual race, how much does it cost, how does it work, is it worth it?

Conqueror Challenge:

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The Conqueror Virtual Challenges Race Review | Best Virtual Race 2021

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The Conqueror Challenge - Virtual Race 2021: The Conqueror Virtual Challenges Race Review | Best Virtual Race 2021

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  1. I just finished the Marathon-Athen one and started with the Egypt/Gizeh today. Can't wait to receive my first medal by mail any day now 🙂

  2. I started this and I’m doing the Angkor wat race (20 miles). I’m only counting my walking and swimming for the race. Since I’m lap swimming I’m not going with the chart that they have as it would give me more miles than I actually swam. I think it is worth it if you are doing primarily distance based exercising. The converting weight lifting and other exercises like it sound like a pain. But as someone who is trying to be more active and wants something to motivate them I think this is great thing to try.

  3. I’m a cross country and Track runner and I’m always thirsty for a nice race with a metal in the end. I’m on off season but I’m still training with a few people. These challenges are amazing because you can do it by yourself and work on your own pace and what works for you. This can keep me motivated and happy while I wait for my next seasons

  4. Do I have to complete it in a certain amount of time? Or is there no time limit and I'll complete it when I reach the goal

  5. I'm just now getting back into running due a super long recovery from shin splits so I just now signed up for one to hopefully get me back into my routine

  6. My girl and I are gonna sign up to finish one next week. Anybody know how long the medals take to arrive? She goes back to South Africa soon just wanna make sure it comes before she leaves. ❤️

  7. I’ve always been curious about this virtual running app. As you are running on a treadmill for example, can you visually see where you are running through? I’ve run on the treadmill’s at the gym that actually have a program where you can see where you’re running through almost as if you are there.

  8. Just finished my first challenge last weekend with Marathon to Athens. Gave me more reason to get out of the house, and run haha

    What got my attention to the CC was as you said. It's themed, the medal designs look great, each challenge is unique, you get to do it by not just running, but also walking, and you get postcards by email, and notifications as you progress further within the distance. The only drawback I have, is making sure you put in the correct distance to not cheat. The price is worth it.

    Now, to wait for my medal to come in!

  9. I have just signed up and will be using an old exercise bike in my balcony lol. Also my brothers bike inside his room.

  10. I was thinking about doing the Marathon to Athens race. I’ve never done any sort of virtual race, so I am looking forward to it. Thanks for the informative video.

  11. Currently doing the English channel. A mix of walking and rowing(machine). I'm proud of my self as I have 11 more miles to go as of today. I'll update when I finished the challenge.

  12. I love the Conqueror challenges! I'm working on Mt. Fuji right now. I've been recording my time on a ski machine and counting it as cross country skiing on the conversion chart. And it's fun to record it all in the ap as skiing. The conversion chart is my new best friend and I love how I can even count house cleaning towards miles lol. I have a lot of health issues so house cleaning is a really huge challenge for me. Knowing I can get miles for it motivates me to clean more! Shshsh! Don't tell anybody I said that! Haha

  13. While I do the virtual Conquerer Inca Trail, I want to do the DC Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman 5K’s (great charity-St. Jude).

  14. Well, I need to lose some weight, and this seems like a good motivation to get going. 😀 As I love ancient Egypt, I signed for the Giza one (tough I am also thinking about entering the Mt. Everest one, but we´ll see. I signed today, but as it is already evening, I will start tomorrow. I am pretty interested how it will go, and that medal certainly seems like a pretty good motivator. As it is my first similar challenge, I set my time for the maximum. But I suspect that I will conquer it sooner. 😀

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