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Tennessee State Bank – Top 10 worst small towns in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has some sad towns.

Pots Top 10 worst small towns in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has some sad towns. on the topic of Tennessee State Bank You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s avescanarias learn about Top 10 worst small towns in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has some sad towns. in today’s post!

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Introduce about Top 10 worst small towns in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has some sad towns.

Top 10 worst small towns in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has some sad towns. Tennessee is a great state. I know a handful of …

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Tennessee State Bank - Top 10 worst small towns in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has some sad towns.

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38 responses to “Tennessee State Bank – New”

  1. Listen jackass why the crime rate is so high is the police arrest you for any f**** thing for throwing a cigarette butt down for saying f*** anything you do you get arrested for in a little towns

  2. Yes, everything is bad. The "evolution thing" – a theory still to this day, btw – is fake news. So, yeah – stay up north or out west. No one needs you here. The end. People in these little towns don't WANT people like you to move in. Stay in your big, fancy cities with your education systems run by people who think there are 432 gennnnnnnddddeeerrrrrsssss and be miserable. Hell, you probably couldn't even make it in any of these towns b/c your neighbors would hate how arrogant and rude you are – so by all means, stay not only out of these towns and not only out of TN, but out of the South altogether, snowflake.

  3. Hats off to that fine gentlemen that told you to stop bothering him. That's the type of America that we have ruined buy undervalued labor, total disregard of the same law that is supposed to be upheld not just enforced, and allowed outsider culture made just to rot our charm. If there countries were so great why do they flock here?

  4. Your very clear stance on evolution as opposed to those who believe in creation begs the question, if you'r not openminded enough to accept (without bashing it as backward or wrong) a differing belief from those opposed to yours – why then should we believe anything your channel says about the pros and cons of various places to live. You should just come out and say what you believe i.e. "This is my opinion of this state and you should believe it because my intellect and opinions are superior to yours".

  5. Please don't harp on the states that won't/don't teach darwinian evolution as it's so full of inconsistencies. . .it's not even worth the time to think about it. That said, I was lucky enough to live in this state for two years and I loved every second. In fact, it's almost like three very different states in one (hence the flag). I was in Central TN just north of Nashville. Loved it! If I ever decided to move back to the cesspool that is the USA, I will very likely go to TN.

  6. Unfortunately I'm in a backwards liberal city in Florida, can't wait til I can move to the mountains in Tennessee!

  7. Hearing someone pronounce Eva TN like that made me wanna shoot myself. Im from camden which is a solid 10 minutes away from Eva (Eev-Ah) not (Aav-ah)

  8. Calling people poor in small towns and not having enough skill to edit your video. Your a fucking dick dude obviously you've never been down south before.

  9. Wow, man… I do understand your statistics… just not a feeble attempt at humor concerning poorer neighborhoods. Relax… you're fine.

  10. I live in Selmer Tennessee and nothing is bad will some people are dum but it is the best for so people to have a family and save money so it might be bad but dose not mean you say it is the worst

  11. I lived in Tennessee my whole life, and couldn’t be prouder that my state still teaches creationism. It’s not a negative thing as he seems to think it is, and evolution is a theory. Creationism is in the history of scrolls.

  12. This guy is a complete moron. He basically insults all the residents of small towns and acts like they are all dead beats. Most of them are probably good hard working people, but because it isn't being looted by antifa, he thinks it must not be good.

  13. @World According to Briggs, you referenced the CONJECTURE known as evolution in your video, as if such is a scientific law.

    The term "evolution" is a generality, and therefore without meaning.

    I will now quote my English instructor "Generality, without specificity, has no meaning." (Dr. Walter E. Norris, Bacon Academy High School, circa 1982)

    There are two different types of evolution:
    * micro evolution, and
    * macro evolution. To which evolution do you refer?

    The science known as "micro evolution" has been scientifically verified on numerous occasions, by numerous scientists.

    The conjecture known as "macro evolution", on the other hand, has never met the seven steps of the standard scientific method. As such, macro evolution must remain at the level of "sciency" conjecture. One may not arbitrarily promote said conjecture to the level of scientific law, without experimentation, data gathering, and REPEATABILITY!

  14. If you can't teach Bible, then why should evolution be allowed? Now, we must be doing something right because lots of people from the northern states retire here! I spent 20 years in the Air Force. the girl I married was with me the last 17 years, and I learned where one lives is what they make of it. We gave 65k for our home in 1989 and now it's worth 300k. If we bought the same home in California, it would probably cost $2 million. Tennessee is a great place to live, and I can say that after 20 years of moving all over the U.S. and other countries. Once again though, it's all what you make of it!

  15. You weren’t playing on the other video, Tennessee definitely defends their state at all cost. I like it.


  17. Whenever this guy makes videos about shitty towns in red states, the whole comment section attacks him and defends these places.. But when he makes videos about shitty cities/towns in blue states, the whole comment section trashes the places and blames the politicians in those states. Hmmm I wonder why…..

  18. You’re an idiot Briggs. Exactly the kind of person we don’t need here. What a condescending, smarmy asshat know it all.

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