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  1. I came here because my wife and I watch I love Lucy. And I saw Erny in the episode where he visits from his home, in Tennessee. Very funny and wonderful show. What a world it was, until the criminal cabal, composed of the domestic axis of evil, the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, and Biden, lost the 2016 election to the first American President that did good for the people of America, President Trump.

  2. Hola buenas tardes a todos los que disfrutan de esta maravillosa voz y estos himnos.
    Siendo católico me parecen maravillosos y llenos del espíritu de Dios. Me gustaría hacer la traducción de todos ellos, pero no sé sus títulos.
    Alguien podría ayudarme.
    Gracias y que la paz de Dios esté con vosotros.

  3. I grew up in a small Church called Faith Tabernacle- It was a Pentecostal Church in the 70's. We sang these songs. More so up beat, but the same. God is good.


    Music is a powerful tool that can inspire intense, usually pleasurable feelings. It does something chemically to our brains when we hear and perform it. Think about the ways humans use music: we make playlists to seduce and set a rhythm during both sex and exercise; stores pipe it in to make customers spend more; restaurants select it to enhance the palette. The manipulative power of music has has a negative side, too: We make playlists to soundtrack that creats sadness; movies use it to scare us by tapping into a primal fear that minor chords cause in the brain; the CIA has weaponized it to torture detainees.

    And cult and Religious leaders Witch are the same thing… have exploited the negative potential of music to influence their followers. Colleen Russell, licensed marriage and family therapist and expert in cult recovery and education, is the survivor of what she calls a “high demand group” whose name she does not reveal. The group leader, Russell explains, used chanting to relax the mind and focus the group’s energy. “But it was misused, as I now realize because the focus during chanting was on the image of the cult leader… We were instructed to chant if we felt upset, for instance. The same if we were having a hard time.” This led to an inability to Critically Think through problems, a core life skill, as well as an inability to process and sift through emotions. It also created a sense of euphoria when thinking of their leader, positioning him as the answer to all of their problems. Cult and Religious leaders, who are known for isolating their followers and seeking inappropriate loyalty, can take the emotions and feelings of togetherness that group singing and dancing provide and use it as a form of Mind Control. It is common in cults to use music in religious ceremonies, in order to direct emotional and psychological attention to a specific ideology or person. That’s dangerous, because it re-wires how your brain works, further isolating you from the world outside of the cult. Music does activate our biological rewards system, along with food, sex, drugs, and money,” explains music psychologist and pianist Marina Korsakova-Kreyn. There are clear biological motivations for the importance of food, sex, and drugs that science can explain — but explaining why a non-necessity like music gives us a chemical shot of pleasure is “difficult to rationalize.”

    “No amount of Evidence will Ever Persuade an Ignorant Person.”

  5. How lovely to hear these songs. They are so uplifting. In these days this is what we need to be uplifted. Thanks You

  6. 00:00 Stand by Me
    He Knows What I Need
    09:26 What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    13:35 Sweet Hour of Prayer
    Come on Down
    19:16 Blessed Assurance (This Is My Story)
    I Can Tell You The Time
    25:05 Just a Little Talk With Jesus

    27:55 Life's Railway to Heaven

    Saved By Grace

    My Task

    No Tears In Heaven

    Peace in the Valley

    Nearer, My God, To Thee

    His Amazing Grace

    Just a Closer Walk With Thee

    On the Jericho Road

    A Beautiful Life

    Precious Memories

    Did You Think to Pray

    The Old Rugged Cross

    In the Garden

    1:07:00 Face to Face

    I Find No Fault in Him

    Rock of Ages

    Hide Me, Rock of Ages

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God


    How Great Thou Art

    Put Your Hand in the Hand

    I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me

    Get on Board, Little Children

    Farther Along

    Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

    Wayfaring Pilgrim

    Lord, I'm Coming Home

    Take My Hand, Precious Lord

  7. My Poppy had this album ! Gosh this was when I was a child and my Pop had his hi fi and some great records. Tennessee Ernie had such a great voice.

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