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Today’s video is going to be my Top 10 Favorite Products or my Top 10 picks from Sally’s Beauty Supply! I also enjoy making Sally’s runs. I always seem to find hidden gems and underrated, undiscovered beauty products that no one ever talks about. I hope this video is helpful.

What are YOUR favorite products from Sally’s?

P.S. I said I was going to group the self-tanners together because it would be over 10 if I talked about them separately… well, I either can’t count or I could have taken out another product so that the two self-tanners could be part of the 10. I DON’T KNOW, lololol.

PRODUCTS: These products are ALWAYS on sale!

1. Proclaim Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo – $8.99 |

2. Ion Bond Repair Therapy Nourishing Conditioner – $9.99 |

3. Ion Miracle Leave-In Conditioner – $8.79 |

4. Proclaim Olive Oil Glossing Polish – $8.39 |

5. Tools Structure TEASE LAYERS RATTAIL COMB – $2.99 |

6. Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse – $14.69 |

7. Tanwise Self Tanning Face Gel – $6.99 |

8. Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer – “Summer Kiss” – $10.99 |

9. Real Colors Stay Glowing Longwear Bronzer – “Malibu Glow” – $9.99 |

10. Real Colors Stay Glowing Longwear Highlighter – $9.99 |


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