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Random Golf Club – I Live in a Golf Simulator Until I Get a Hole in One

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Keffer moves into the Random Golf Club HQ and vows not to leave until he gets a Hole in One on the simulator. It’s a wild ride from start to finish.

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Random Golf Club - I Live in a Golf Simulator Until I Get a Hole in One

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  1. I made a hole-in-one in a simulator bay at my local PGA Superstore! I routinely go to use a practice bay to look at my swing on video. I hit a shot dead at the flag and saw the "shot counter" stop at the flag yardage. I used the replay feature to watch the shot and saw it went into the hole.

  2. Cool video – and fun! Is that simulator as precise as a Trackman 4? And, what does it cost? Regards, from Stockholm, Sweden.

  3. Crazy. I stuffed one one time from like 200 yards on a par 5 using trackman. Not a hole in one but it was exciting.

  4. So I understand, Keffer began aiming at one pin – no dice. He changed the pin location and then got the ace? If so, that doesn't count in my book. You play with the cards you're dealt not the ones you give yourself. While the HIO is still a great achievement, you've set the pin up to receive your better shots. You still completed the challenged – which is amazing. But not in the manner I expected.

  5. There NEEDS to be a follow-up video where Keffer doesn't leave the course until an ace ⛺ Prove if it's easier than the simulator! I'll even wager he does it within 1000 attempts.

  6. i feel like the most irritating is when you hit the ball bad but you don’t know why
    especially in this situation where your basically trying to hit the same shot like a thousand times
    aka we all hate shanks

  7. i'm glad you discovered that the best way to make a hole in one is with a rolling shot. so many people hit these big high shots that drop and stop, those won't go in. you gotta roll it up.

    it's why so many shorter hitters get holes in one. they hit a lower shot that rolls up and the hole gets in the way. hitting high shots with spin cripples your chances.

  8. I can spot one possible cause for the shanks: hips look to open at or after impact instead of leading into impact.

    I think if the hips are like address at impact, the swing path doesn’t have the space it needs and is pushed out closer to the ball.

    Just some thoughts from someone who has shanked just as many.

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