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Randalls Near Me – RAIN ON TENT + Fan White Noise | Dark Screen Sleep Sounds

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Enjoy rain on tent sounds with a fan white noise combined with a dark screen for beautiful sleep sounds. Subscribe for more relaxing videos:

About this Video:
– Rain Sounds
– Black Screen after 5 minutes
– No Video Advertising Inside
– Continuous Sound

What a fun sleep video to create for all of you! Many subscribers have been asking for me to do more rain sounds, as I do very view rain videos. So here is one, with a Randall’s R&R twist… I set this tent up while on vacation in the Tri Cities of Eastern Tennessee.

After setting up the luxurious tent with an air mattress, I put my Nikon D7500 in the tent. Then I crawled into bed and waited for the rains to come… It didn’t take long, as I had been planning this by looking at the local radar. I turned on my little air cleaner for some nice fan white noise to combine with the rain sounds on the tent. I used my Tascam to record the rain on the canvas. What a glorious way to fall asleep !

The rain was a very continuous, strong and steady rain. There isn’t much else to say except fall asleep, stay asleep, and enjoy this one my friends! Relax and sleep well.

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Randalls Near Me - RAIN ON TENT + Fan White Noise | Dark Screen Sleep Sounds

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31 responses to “Randalls Near Me – New”

  1. This video, the classic intro! the setting, the sound! ALL FANTASTIC. You make the best white noise and relaxation creations big R!

  2. One of my favorites so far!!! Such a great combo. I sometimes find rain sounds to be more distracting than relaxing but the white noise from the purifier rounds it out perfectly! Good night Randall! Good night Resters and Relaxers!!

  3. Thank you so much Randall. Your effort is greatly appreciated. You put so much work and effort into these, I really hope you generate some income through these.
    Please have a great week for me, stay safe!

  4. I remember telling you how much I love the sound of rain falling on a tent. Adding the sound of a fan to it just makes it better! Thank you for creating this video.

  5. Just got home and I'm about to go to bed I'm so glad you uploaded this I love your rain videos you know how to capture the sounds just right. thank you so much it really does mean a lot being able to get good nights of sleep because of you

  6. Your rain sound is great. It picks up the liquid sound of the drops, not just the tap tap part. The low hum of the air cleaner adds just the right touch. Thanks Randall!

  7. How neat you’re in my neck of the woods! Been getting a lot of rain lately here. I never comment, but I wanted to say hello, and hope your vacation here is great! Always love the rain sounds.

  8. Oooh yaaaay! Rain! I LOVE rain sounds!Thanks Randall!
    And BTW everyone, if you use this channel to help you sleep, you can really help support his work in Patreon! $4/month is only ~$0.13/day!

  9. Thank you Randall. You have the best sleep videos. Always been here supporting! Only can fall asleep to your vids 😉

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