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We never grow up. We don’t. I’m convinced so called adulthood is something we are forced into after we’ve graduated high school or turn 21 or have to start paying taxes. Yes, we may start acting a little differently, start pretending to be a little more responsible (I say “pretend” sardonically as I sip my fifth coffee, glare at the morning sun, and nurse a headache while I write this…), and start telling ourselves that we need to calm down, get a 401k, and stop saying the word “awesome” so much.

Well I’m here to tell you something.

Forget that.

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Ralphs Ice Cream - Ralph's Famous Italian Ices

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  1. I’d like to know why they didn’t go to the Port Richmond original location!? Come on, why are you going to the Manhattan location when the Staten Island one is right there!? #smh

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