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Marjorie Taylor Kimmel – Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Reported Him to Police

Pots Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Reported Him to Police on the topic of Marjorie Taylor Kimmel You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
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Jimmy responds to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene after she filed a complaint with the Capitol Police over a joke he made on Tuesday’s show, writes a letter to Batman in hopes of getting some help with the whole situation, Venmo-lester Matt Gaetz weighed in with a few tweets, Ted Cruz went after Mr.T online after he tweeted about getting his 2nd booster shot, we celebrate World Health Day, Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID, Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as the first black woman on the Supreme Court, baseball is back, another edition of This Week in Florida, we get a call from Batman (George Clooney & Michael Keaton) to confirm they received Jimmy’s letter about Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Sean Hannity has been going hard on Biden, but might be talking about someone different altogether.

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Marjorie Taylor Kimmel - Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Reported Him to Police

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  1. I’m fortunate enough to be outside of her district but it is still heavily embarrassing that she is a representative in my state. She’s an awful person, and I’m glad she doesn’t represent where I live.

  2. Just so we’re Clear here. The KKK, was born out of the democrat party. The democrat party was formed to ensure slavery. Surly you paid attention in history class? Or did you learn about gender studies instead?

  3. Hey ,,, Ma , mam ,,,,,, $ 20 ,,, Cope ,,,, Coke

    with ,,,,, cree ,,, , heroine ,,,, yes,, one shot. !,,,

    done do,,, ,, Jammy ,,, what up,,, you ,,, hoo,,,,

  4. I met Mr. T when I was a child during the height of his A-Team fame. Instead of a shallow narcissist who turned the spotlight onto himself, Mr. T was a kind and gentle man who genuinely cared about the welfare of children, giving sage advice that kids should listen to their parents and trust that they have their interests at heart. He shook my hand, holding on for a little bit longer than some cursory greeting. His hand was strong but gentle, and his handshake was like that of an old friend. Forty years on, I still remember him fondly.

  5. Well then, I think it's time for Joe Biden to issue an AR-15 to every American just like in Israel! Also, we need to form a nationwide Militia to protect elections, hospitals, nurses, doctors, children and schools from domestic terrorism. I say, if one has them, we all should have them, right? Convicts can already get all they want from 'Republican Gun Shows' anyway! What’s the big deal? I know the gun manufactures would welcome it. I think 30 Round clips or even 50 rounds would work just fine. I think fully automatic should be legal too huh? Why not, everybody has a way to get or print-out these silly auto-fire mods! I know it's a sick suggestion but we are living with the TRUMP-MAGATS, who are the most twisted animals on Earth!

  6. I started to watch this but couldn't go far into it……….you are a complete fool, and tool of the woke…….pandering to an audience that has no clue. Keep your armed bodyguards, and bash law-abiding citizens who are prepared to defend themselves, as you feebly attempt to insult them. No one with common sense watches the MSM anymore, as it has proven they are no more than paid front puppets for their prepared remark presentations. GFY

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