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Marias Mexican Kitchen – Chicago’s Best Mexican: Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

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Elliott Bambrough’s mixing land and sea into the perfect Mexican fajita in Galewood.

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Marias Mexican Kitchen - Chicago’s Best Mexican: Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

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38 responses to “Marias Mexican Kitchen – New”

  1. What’s that dish called where it’s garlic butter double shrimp stuck together with the shell still on, over orange rice? I had that

  2. When I think best Mexican restaurant I don’t want white people telling me that considering they think hacienda is amazing no offense don’t think this is the best Mexican place in Chicago

  3. In Naperville I'll is the best Mexican food the name is Las Palmas — long time don't go there because I'm live in Texas

  4. You will never taste real Mexican food in the US, different farming techniques, different preparation and cooking process

  5. Elliott, I tried to like you. But you can be so annoying, and hardheaded. The Chef told you not to drink that, but your gonna do it anyhow. I really wanna smack you sometimes. ☺

  6. my first Houston visit and I introduced to this Chicken Fajita dish..!! It is that food which serves your taste buds and satisfy you… I happened to eat this dish every after day …

  7. This place is trash, they have two locations one in rosemont and they both use flour tortillas for there enchiladas. Wtf

  8. I understand changing your mind on things, but the editors of this channel are too lazy the change a word in the their titles
    videos… Obviously there cannot be more than one best Mexican restaurant or more than one best German restaurant.

  9. The food looks delicious & thanks for the cooking lesson..Very nice people in this video. I recommend everyone try this place.

  10. Woah, I found Maria's Mexican Restaurant on the FoodVillage app and the food was great! I definitely posted and shared the dishes from there

  11. That's right , nothing Mexican about soy sauce. By the way, just about every episode with that guy Elliot has a negative comment about him, I agree, he has no talent, is not funny although he thinks he is and most of all he's annoying as hell.

  12. I've been to this Maria's on Harlem and the one on Foster. The one on Foster was way better than this place. I went to the Harlem location twice and was disappointed with the food and service both time. Vowed to never come back. I wonder what arrangement Maria's had with this douche bag to call this Chicago's Best Mexican. It's average on a good day. In Chicago, there's a large Mexican population, go to the Mexican areas around Pilsen and 26th St for some really good Mexican food. But this place is definitely not worth driving across the city to visit.

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