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Loop News Jamaica - Where is Donna-Lee Donaldson? | TVJ News

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32 responses to “Loop News Jamaica – New”

  1. I am soooo sorry that this young woman lost her life. Although her body had not been found but we all know that she’s dead and they might never find her. I’m not blaming this on this you g woman but I am speaking to ALL women out there. We are being slaughtered left and right. Sometimes it’s the decisions we make in our lives that causes our own demise. I know when we are in love with these men and they speak sweet nothings in our ears, we love to hear the things that they are telling us, but sometimes we have to use discernment and our intuition when it comes to finding a mate. Not everything that glitters is gold. Sometimes when people, especially our parents talk to us , no matter how old we are, we should listen. Maybe if she had listened to her mother she would still be alive. Not because you are in law enforcement or you have a good job, means that you are somebody. These people are just as murderous and crooked as anybody else. We as women have to take some control of our live and pick decent human beings for our partners. I know it’s hard because some of us are so well behave when dating and trying to get to know someone, because they don’t show their true colors then, but we have to take time and be patient to get to know who these people are that we are calling your and or your woman. The worse part of mist of these situations is that you can’t find your loved one to burry them, not know where their bodies are. Police CANT protect us, they are not around 24/7. When one of their own is corrupt, they going throw them under the bus, they are going to cover for each other. Doctors do the same they cover for each. My deepest condolences to her family and I pray that she will find her body to give her a final resting place. Fire bun to all these wicked men out there may ALL OF YOU BE TORMENTED FOR THE REST OF YOUR SHITTY LITTLE LIVES AND WHEN YOU ARE DEAD THEY WONT EVEN FIND YOUR BODY TO BURY YOU, JUST AS SOME OF YOU DO YOUR VICTIMS.

  2. From Barbados may God keep her mom save it not easy to lost your family like that I lost my son in 2008 a day don't pass I think about him but GOD in control and he break the slisten some day don't give up and the boyfriend God does not sleep if he pay for it now he pay later the hard way mom read plasm 23.

  3. That’s a straight up dirty cop.. this isn’t his first rodeo.. which tells me that with his chain of command there are a brunch of dirty cops .. his baby mother have a lot of dirt on him and that’s why he is protecting her…I highly doubt the “playboy cops” killed her but is covering up for the baby mother .. Shame of Jamaica police force.

  4. That police bwoy has always been a problem. I heard that he gave trouble at JC. I think he was expelled from there.
    He's garbage. No good man takes a woman from her mother's house and fails to return her there. Then have the audacity to pretend he doesn't know what happened to her.
    I wish the worst things to happen to this scum police bwoy.

  5. Police is at the heart of this disappearance of this girl so who is going to investigate them police hands are not clean We in America are watching and paying attention

  6. Get to the prime minister… ask the minister of Justice for help… call out Lisa Hanna for help.,. Drag out the police officer she was involved with and let him confess

  7. Honestly this dude and his baby momma are in cahoots with this girls missing. The JCF from top to bottom needs cleaning. Filth.

  8. Don't wait on the government or the justice system jungle justice is the only way,, someone tell me y killer have right??

  9. Why didn't they seize the cops phones??? and suspend them of their duties , pending investigations ???????????????????????

  10. I feel so sad for all the good decent Jamaican people who only want to work, earn them money, live a peaceful life and prosperous life with family and friends. The Jamaicans who want a life in a society that love and cares for them. Try and leave Jamaica. It is a terrible place because of the people we vote to lead us. We voted for coward, greedy scums who will sell out the whole country and people as long as them and them family good. Be strong my good Jamaican people. Love

  11. Them probably stab her up and dismembered the body in the apt clean up dash weh some man love crazy females until themselves get hurt so it won’t surprises me he help dash weh the body next them already know how law gonna deal with the investigation because of reputation…. The Top cop said there’s no body find to lead to a investigation!!!
    But vybz kartel tho ? Corruption have the little island away star it’s like the future doom

  12. Its scary that this can happen to individuals especially young women cause wi parents no have no name Like a Marley ,Matalon or Azan. No real urgency cause wi money small and wi connections not big.

  13. Reward ? Mummy nobody no deserve no reward fi talk !! At least one pair of eyes had to of saw or knew unless they were threatened not to leak anything, and they should spill it WILLINGLY. They would want to know if they were in this family’s shoes. I feel it deeply

  14. Jamaican justice system in a nutshell. I saw this first hand in Jamaica. These kind of inhumane crimes is not surprising, coming from some of the biggest names in politics or the police force. I’ve heard it’s been like this ever since. The corruption is real. I have family members who are police officers and they were threatened by the big brown suits men in police, if they didn’t keep their mouths shut, on things that takes place there,they might never live to see their children grow up.

    That’s when one of my cousin, age 24 at the time was body-guarding minister of security at the time in 20010, he was asking to transport him to and fro, places to places there, but they were delivering white flour to and from certain areas in Jamaica. My cousin didn’t like it and he wanted to go back to office duties,they suspended him, for 3 months, then tossed him in office duties, under crucial conditions. He then went to America for vacation, came back to to gun threats and he left the job shortly after.

    For years they threatened him, if they hear any little thing, he’s D€@D. He couldn’t take it anymore so he migrated to the states where he lived now. He’s in the army, with some forms of high rankings, idk much, but he’s like dupery of something something. He’s also a mechanical engineer, as he was going to university of the West Indies part time, but now he’s at LSU or Johnson C Smith, studying engineering.

    The persons who called themselves law, who’s suppose to guide and protect, they’re the criminals.

  15. we as parents love leave up wi gyal pickney them too much to man …. not because them pass certain age mean seh them fi leave up to man…. only praying for the best …..

  16. I feel so sorry for the family of such a beautiful lady to disappeared just like that. The government of Jamaica should steps in and t try to do more investigation's into this matter. The government of Jamaica & also the public should work together to solved so these barbaric crimes that happened in Jamaica on a daily basis. Also the government of Jamaica should remember that is the public who are tax payers that paying his wages all so those old people that are working in Parliament. Wake up Jamaican government and do the right thing to protect your law abiding citizens.

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