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Jamie Auld Madonna – 'Madonna and the Breakfast Club' | New York Live TV

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New York Live’s Joelle Garguilo heads to Hamlet’s Vintage to catch up with Jamie Auld who stars in “Madonna and the Breakfast Club.”

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Jamie Auld Madonna - 'Madonna and the Breakfast Club' | New York Live TV

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18 responses to “Jamie Auld Madonna – New”

  1. Does anyone know how this actress died? I can't find anything online. I think covid is suspected, but her family hasn't said anything.

  2. Wow !! Wow!! This girl is her double in another time and dimension ,imagine if the 80s Madonna was this girl and not the one that we know from the 80s .or if the 80s Madonna stole Jamie's future , either one is on the wrong time or is it ?

  3. The Documovie/film was actually really good and well done. I think it highlighted Madonna in a good light with how hard she really worked to be successful and to achieve her ultimate goal. FAME. I have read and heard about her early start in NYC. But this docufilm put all of that prior knowledge, details and pics together into a good timeline and great story. Nicely done by the director. I wonder what Madonna will do with her own Biopic coming soon in the next couple of years.

  4. If Madonna was dead today this in my opinion would be proof that ghosts do exist. It's scary how much she resembles her.

  5. It's really a great movie. It's not a terrible portrait of Madonna. It's very fair. This actress looks more like Madonna than Madonna looks like Madonna now.

  6. incredible that resemblance! I think the career stops there! she will be told the rest of her life that she looks like madonna, she will never be able to exist as herself. No matter what hair cut or color she may have, Madonna has had them all. Vicious trap

  7. Great movie if you’re a true blue fan. Crazy reenactments of iconic early pics and great channeling of the queen.

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