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Why does the United States have an FDA? Mr. Beat goes through the agency’s history, beginning with the Meat Inspection Act and Food and Drug Act of 1906.

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By the 1890s, public perception of drugs in the United States had shifted. Not only did many Americans now want to ban alcohol, they wanted to ban OR regulate ALL DRUGS. Especially highly addictive drugs, like heroin and cocaine.

By that time, doctors had increasingly become more strict about prescribing such drugs to treat patients, but the fact remained that you could still buy a lot of that stuff over the counter. Oh, and most of that stuff didn’t disclose exactly what was in it. Like Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. Although we’ll never know the exact number, thousands of parents likely accidentally killed their children when they gave them too much Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. The American Medical Association would later call Winslow’s a “baby killer.”

Many Americans called for the federal government to do something about these dangerous, unlabelled over the counter patent medicines. Before this time, the federal government rarely got involved, though, and let state and local governments handle it. When it did get involved, it was usually the Department of Agriculture looking at the safety of agricultural products.

Americans were also increasingly getting worried about what was in the food they ate that was packaged and sold in markets. After the Industrial Revolution, food production became a worldwide industry. For the first time, food could be packaged in a way that it lasted longer and didn’t spoil so quickly. Well, some food manufacturers might add some extra spices or additives to canned food to uh…hide the bad taste of expired food. Now, since 1879, nearly 100 bills had been introduced in Congress to regulate food and drugs. But they all failed.

But one man was perhaps more determined than any other to change that. Who was that? Why… a chemist named Harvey Washington Wiley. As leader of the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Chemistry, he spent years trying to convince the United States Congress, while simultaneously fighting off the food lobbyists, to pass a law to do this.

It wasn’t just Wiley and his Poison Squad. There were all the muckrakers, or reform-minded journalists of the Progressive Era who called out unsanitary conditions in factories.. There was also this little book called The Jungle.

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  1. If anybody wants to learn more about Dr. Wiley and the creation of the FDA, PBS has a documentary about it called "Poison Squad", based on a book by Debora Blum of the same title. I found it riveting and informative!

  2. Guess who’s been causing all the crime in inner cities by drug addicts? The fda
    Guess who’s responsible for many people going to jail for non offensive drug charges? The fda

  3. Perhaps one of the only times in American history where the American people WANTED the federal government to step in. Ironic.


  5. I wish someone would explain how come the pure food and drug act was constitutional but prohibition required a constitutional amendment.

  6. Today, It's all about the money people. FDA doesn't give a shit about you. They sold out a long time ago.
    THE FDA TODAY IS CORRUPT AS HELL and you know it

  7. FDA began as a murdering firm. Today their offices lie around the pile of blood money. Shame that FDA czar owe the name of our first president. Probably must have named himself Ted Bundy in steroids.

  8. Mr. Beat, can you make a video about all the Americans the FDA has killed by prohibiting drugs that are approved as safe treatments in other western nations?

  9. It's easy to point out the seen benefits of the FDA, but more difficult to point out the unseen damages, like how many people end up dying because of delayed pharmaceuticals by getting approved for efficacy, not to mention the increased cost on them.

  10. FDA is a criminal organization run by thugs that need to be sued over and over again until they are brought to their knees. You haven't done your research, sir.

  11. Can you imagine if instead of calling it Coca-Cola the inventor had used a modification of his name? We might be drinking "Pimp's Cola"

  12. Imagine all the regulations that the federal government made so that we can have safe drugs and food. And republicans don't want any government regulation.

  13. Im gonna tell you guys a story

    My friend’s great grandfather or great great grandfather (I forgot) was neighbors with the inventor of Coca Cola. My friend’s relative was invited over to the inventor of Coca Cola’s house. My friends relative drank the prototype but then he didn’t like it so he never became business partners because the inventor of Coca Cola wanted my friend’s relative to invest.

  14. Mr. Beat, I'm fan of your channel. I wish you could do more general like videos which not specific to U.S such as "Fascism", "Nationalism vs Patriotism" explained.
    Stay safe.

  15. Hey, i just wanna ask, i love all your videos and they all interest me, but my personal favorite ones are the supreme court briefs, we use them in class all the time and i have watched all 50 ish over and over again, i get that they arent the most popular of your videos but are there going to be plans to make more?

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