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Only 27% of Americans have confidence in banks, but what are your other options? Check out the pros and cons of keeping your money with your big bank.

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Florida Central Credit Union - Are credit unions better than big banks?

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  1. I love how they give an objective perspective. Strengths and weaknesses of each option. I wish this method was implemented by big media when they were pushing the so called vaccines

  2. I worked at a credit union for years
    You need a credit union account.

    Only reason for a bank account is if you leave the country that can get messy but everything else is the same as a bank with less feess you can even deposit cash at another credit union in another city / state they have a network just make sure your credit union is in the network so that's not an issue in 202x

    I didn't realize until a customer / member told me they joined the credit union because they were tired of paying a $1 fee for withdrawing funds in the Drive-Thru rather than going in the lobby..?? That's free at CU.s….

    Or getting a bank / credit union check / cashier's check for $1 where as at a bank it was $5 per check

    They charge a fee to join but you get 100% of that $5-15 back when you leave so don't stress about that. It's actually not a fee you have to buy shares into the credit union like stock to make you a part owner….. So you get as ll of it back when you close your account….

    Make sure you ask for the free checking account they all offer a paid and free checking to pay for expenses industry norm for banks and CU.s

    Open your savings / share account then open your free checking account

    Don't close your bank account just try the CU account for 90 days and your set

    Also not all CU.s are the same check top 5 Credit union.s in my city and make an account at 3 of them then close the 2 who's app and online banking or services you don't like and keep the final 1

    Or ask the credit union teller when you walk in i.m thinking about joining

    Who's the biggest CU in the city where do you guys fall in the biggest in the city or best in the state and they'll tell you

  3. Or as RCU CLO Mike Dill once told me "We opporate just like a bank, but use the credit union title for tax purposes". Weird that didn't show up in the video

    I Can't only deposit 500 A DAY!!!!!. SoFi charges me 4:95 to deposit, chime nothing, cashapp charges 1 dollar. Smh.

  5. Patelco approved me on my auto refinance, while Wells Fargo declined me as a current customer. 2 days later, I became a Patelco member for all my bank needs. 🙂

  6. Credit Unions are financial cooperatives (co-ops) Unlike the banks, if you belong to a credit union, you are a member-owner of that credit union. One member = one vote. You, along with all the other members get to attend the credit union annual meetings and vote on your board of directors, who govern the credit union. You do not get that influence at a bank, you are just another customer of the bank and the big money players have all the influence in a bank. This is why credit union membership keeps growing across the United States. I'm all about joining and supporting cooperative businesses. One thing you need to look out for when joining a credit union, make sure they are NCUA insured.

  7. Most credit unions have ridiculous requirements to get features like free checks like having $10,000 or more in deposit accounts making 0.05%

  8. Our local community banks kept getting bought out by the larger ones and the service level dropped drastically. We switched to a local credit union 15yrs ago and have been perfectly happy since.

  9. Only 13% of American working class is UNionized, they call the fate of remaining 87% working class= dictatorship

    America is a Ponzi scheme- One party represents taxes -2nd party represents inflation= Conditioned Slavery= Union working class bitch slaves, How are you now union workers? struggling much with your mafia health benefits /health insurance fraud drug syndicate? P.s Vote Republicans, they privatized your god given resources= OIL WATER ELECTRICITY FOOD_ THEY GOT A WAR COCK FOR YOU TO SUCK ON!! Perhaps its time Unions get out of Healthcare business and stick with human safety and wages? I hear many Unions have made Protesting Illegal. why is this? Bernie is right yet again!! America dont need a 2 teir system=== One Healthcare system for all Americans= America UNITED!!! Go chase your pensions they to scoff that to.

  10. My online bank experience was awful. Call support for an account breach, support is all in India, they have no idea what to do, every call has a two hour hold and there’s no physical location to go to sort it out. Tangerine bank, what a piece of shit.

  11. Sorry, Credits Unions will put up absolutely no fight when the Government comes calling for your money. No better than banks.

  12. I’m leaving Huntington Bank. There system is down and you can’t even get ahold of them. It’s my money and I have every right to it.

  13. "Shmaltz" What does that mean in English? Please speak English. The vast majority of your listeners do not speak Yiddish.

  14. Good video, but needs an update. Small credit unions now have as many digital services as the big banks. Their data processors or software companies have made this possible.

  15. I realizd that the secret to making a million is making better investment . I always tell myself you don't need that new Car or that vacation just yet and that mindset helps me make more money invest : ng . For example last year I invested 70k in blue chip stocks and crypt0 s ( with the help of my advisor of course ) and made about 380k , but guess what ? I put it back and traded with her again and now I'm rounding up close to a million . Delayed gratification always pays off

  16. VIA Credit Union Terrible .
    Never used a credit union before, always used banks for car loans and my home loan. But I decided to use Via for my latest car loan. Big mistake. I accedentally left off 51 cents from my previous month's payment and they called me about. I thought they were just reminding me but no, they needed me to come pay that 51 cents today or it would look bad having a late payment on my credit. After mor pestering I said fine but then they told me since it was 30 days late it would also be a 25.00 late fee. On 51 cents. I have never borrowed from anywhere that nickled and dimed you that much. When I didn't come in they called and emailed me at least once a day untill I sent an email back telling them to stop contacting me about the matter and that they can send it to collections becaus it's ridiculous and i'm not paying it. I wish I had went somewhere else.

  17. Actually Credit Unions have access to the same Online and Mobile banking platforms that the big banks have. Sometimes our offerings are better than the big banks.

  18. I belong to one credit union till I retired no problem's glad to be a member . Moved to Florida Join Achieve Credit Union over the years they operate and charge like a bank . Now They're a bank masquerading as a credit union.

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