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Detroit Historical Museum – Detroit Historical Museum | Part 1

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Detroit Historical Museum is one of the best Museum in Metro Detroit area. you will experience the beautiful history of Detroit. Detroit is very historical city. This Detroit Historical Museum have story of the past which is really very beautiful.


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Detroit Historical Museum - Detroit Historical Museum | Part 1

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28 responses to “Detroit Historical Museum – New”

  1. Very nice museum. Sad that it isn't busy with lots of visitors. Our museums have been temporarily closed for quite a while now. I'm looking forward to our museums opening in the near future.

  2. As you mentioned in the description, Detroit is one of the historical cities in the US. So much of history! This museum reflect that! Would love to visit this museum when I come to Michigan next time! Have a nice day!

  3. I love visiting museums like this, full of History. Thanks for this tour, it is the first time I see this one. BIG like 76

  4. I love the trains . This looks like such a great museum. I will have to visit here next time i am in the area.

  5. What a nice museum. You know how much I love museums. I want to come to Detroit really bad. There is a lot of museums in the area I want to visit.

  6. Cool railway and trains. I would love to have something like that running around the house. Cute Carousel,. Don't know about the dentist. Some great set up rooms and lots of wonderful relics of the past. A Great presentation Bobby. An interesting Museum. Looking forward to Part 2. Have a great day, Cheers ~ Joseph

  7. Pretty awesome. Love the train setup with the camera attached to it. Looks like you are driving through town.

  8. I hope you have a great Sunday friend. Today I see this great video that you share with us about this historical museum in Detroit. Really good. Thank you very much for uploading it to youtube so that we can appreciate it. Big hug. Facundo from Buscando Fauna.

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