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City Of Phoenix Water – How America's hottest city is trying to cool down

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City Of Phoenix Water - How America's hottest city is trying to cool down

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38 responses to “City Of Phoenix Water – New”

  1. Thanks for watching and commenting! Quick note for those saying desert cities "shouldn't exist" … that's a very tempting thought, one that I admit I shared when walking around Phoenix in August, but keep this in mind: Heating uses more energy than cooling. I think cities with frigid winters are older and more established in the US so we think they're normal and assume their right to exist but walking around Chicago in January is as painful (maybe more?) than a Phoenix summer. We can't all live in San Diego, so rather than condemn entire cities in the west, it's more helpful to think about how we can plan, adapt, and re-design to make them more sustainable and livable in the future. -joss

  2. So I’m a landlord in PHX but my houses are in the northern part of town that’s also more upmarket. I gladly pay HOA fees for trees since they make my offerings more attractive. Alas, that doesn’t apply to my counterparts who own much of the property in that area. I bet they would plant trees if given a property tax abatement.

  3. I see comments on class warfare and hype and blame and the continued dissemination of misinformation to promote entitlement syndrome.

  4. I disagree with the climate change buzz word. There is climate change and its been going on since the beginning of time. Long before humans came.
    This is the Sonoran Desert and it's hot in the summer. I got a great idea : Raise taxes on everything and outlaw summer and the sun for being too bright and hot and require that people crawl under a rock to cool off twice a day.

  5. How to cool a city: ban cars, invest in public transport, convert roads to pedestrian only areas amd plant trees. Trees cool down coties a lot since they evaporate a ton of water, cooling down the surface

  6. Growth is limited by the necessity which is present in the least amount. And naturally, the least favorable condition controls the growth rate.


  7. So sad man all the money in az goes to the wrong hands and already wealthy people while the poor suffer the worse heat

  8. Get people richer and they start caring more about the environment. Once survival isn't an issue then you can start to think of other things.

  9. Really needed a 7min politicized video to explain a problem that could have been covered in 15seconds using laymans logic

  10. Water should absolutely NOT be an issue regarding tree planting in Arizona. The reason I say this is because…. NATIVES! Planting trees that are native to where you live plays such a crucial role in any tree related project.
    For Arizona, sure you could grow just about any American tree species at the cost of catering to the given tree’s water requirements, but why work harder and do that when you could plant a tree that has existed in Arizona and has been able to adapt to its climate.
    Planting natives is so beneficial, and requires little to no management!

  11. The grass lawns are problematic in that they drive up water prices. There are ways to have refreshing green beauty without being reliant on the typical green lawn. Brad Lancaster lives in Tucson, people in Phoenix need to follow him.

    There should still be a concerted effort to reduce heat absorbed by pavement. I live in an environment that can be quite humid and a shade tree still can bring a lot of relief.

  12. Give me a break. The cost to water a tree is not too expensive for these residents. They simply do not want to do it, and also do not understand the need.

  13. The tree plan would benefit the landlords, not the renters. As the area is beautified and cools down it becomes more desirable, allowing the landlords to charge more for rent. It would also increase property taxes, so it might actually happen.

  14. Plant trees that need more water than the sonoran desert can provide.
    Better idea, don't want to live in the desert? Dont. move. there.

  15. Hello, from Ukraine. It's really surprising that such simple things like to plant trees has not being implemented for such region many years ago?! Especially in the US! The worlds most powerful economy in the world! You have Amason, Google, Tesla ect…. It's a great shame for you guys.

  16. trees are great, can confirm. i live in the woods up on a mountain and its 44 degrees today, trees soak up alot of heat and provide great shade. i can see a problem in the city with planting trees, root systems would destroy drainage, sewage, water and power lines that are underground. also the city counsellors and whatnot would probably not be happy with people loitering under the trees

  17. lol just tried to make a comment then realised it isnt any different than all the other ones without making it personal, therefore releasing private information. therefore, i made this comment for no reason.

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