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There’s a town in West Virginia where there are tight restrictions on mobile signal, wifi and other parts of what most of us know as simply: modern life. It means Green Bank is a place unlike anywhere else in the world.

Green Bank sits at the heart of the National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000 square mile (33,669 sq km) area where certain types of transmissions are restricted so as not to create interference to the variety of instruments set up in the hills – as well as the Green Bank Observatory, there is also Sugar Grove, a US intelligence agency outpost.

Dave Lee went to visit this unique area.

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  1. My wife and I rode a historic railroad in this area and stayed the night at the mountain quest institute inn it was amazing.No radio stations tv or wireless internet surrounded by beautiful West Virginia mountains.The telescope is massive

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  6. i live in wv and come here a lot with my grandpa. we always get these little aliens in the gift shop. i've heard some of the old timers around here say deep in the woods in greenbank there is a secret platform used to take vehicles underground. probably not true lol but interesting.

  7. I know about this place bc my grandma lives there she is a emt and my cousin painted the relescope

  8. This is not true! I live 5 minutes from the observatory and have wifi and so do a lot of residents in the area. I have wifi calling on my cellphone, a microwave, and numerous other electronic devices. There is no wifi on observatory property only. Videos like this are misleading and not true.

  9. My step son got married less than a mile from here there is a hotel and I think we were the only people staying there my stepdaughters grandpa is the preacher in the closest church to the satellite

  10. This looks like average Czech school – paper books everywhere, honest people and I heard they were shocked when they took trip to New York

  11. Their researchers got it wrong. The National Radio Quiet Zone is not centered around Green Bank. It is centered at the geographic center of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank and the Sugar Grove NSA Station.

  12. They needs diversity, drop a few of fine citizens with ms13 background and a few Somalians there to spice things up. Don’t forget your hyper liberal socialist Jewish politicians and professors as well.

  13. I enjoyed working for the NRAO very much. As to the extraterrestrial life? Um. Well not everyone agrees with that. But for everything else…

  14. My girlfriend and I are taking a Saturday here soon to go we can’t wait I have a galaxy sleeve tattoo were both obsessed with the universe

  15. I'm not sure of all the govt's uses for the Green Bank Project, but it is not to answer the question of if we are alone. Like billionaire Robert Bigelow said on 60 Minutes when asked if he thought we'd ever find extraterrestrial life out there in the universe during our space travels.. "You don't have to go anywhere, they are already here." The govt knows this and is encountering their UAP's all the time, recently declassifying several videos of these craft filmed during intercepts and admitting the existence of the AATIP program.

  16. What is very telling is that this lack of funding for the tower was under Obama's watch (simultaneously with the increased spending on war) which shows just how similar establishment Democrats are to Republicans.

  17. 20% of the time on searching for Aliens. WTFFFF WHY?!!?!?! Radio waves are slow af, wouldn't it be better to use light?

  18. Since that video the Green Bank Project has seen their Budget by the US Gov reduced of fifth what it is ,,for the next 5 years so it is like the US Gov want them too die,,shutt off if you like.
    What a representation of the foolish of this GOV about Science.

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