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Every Texan needs to know that Greg Abbott made us less safe by ignoring law enforcement and allowing people to carry guns in public without a background check, training, or permit.
Share this video — and join us in defeating him so we can reduce gun violence and keep kids safe.
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I’m running for governor to deliver for ALL the people of Texas. It’s time to move beyond Greg Abbott’s cruelty, incompetence, and corruption. By uniting the people of Texas, we are going to focus on the big things that we want to accomplish together: great jobs, world-class schools, and the ability to see a doctor. We’d love for you to join us:

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Beto For Texas - Every Texan needs to know that Greg Abbott made us less safe | Beto for Texas

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  1. Governor Abbott has accepted thousands of dollars from the National Rifle Association. He will not vote for gun control.

  2. The hard part here is for poor people. I've been poor where $50 matters A LOT.

    It's a little unfair to tell people who really can't afford it but who happened to live in a really dangerous neighborhood.

    "You don't have the right to protect you and your family from feral humans" Buying a half decent used gun in itself is probably a big task.
    Especially today because of all this government created inflation.

  3. I think we need to redefine mass shooting because by your definition Chicago , NY, California have a mass shooting everyday. Are gun laws working I'm those places.

  4. Criminals don't give a damn about your laws folks, that's what makes them criminals. This is all "feel good propaganda " but it's literally going to solve nothing. Now if we had a bunch of citizens in Texas who legally carry now ( because it's constitutional carry ) shooting themselves in the foot every week at Walmart because they're being dumb. Or if all the sudden negligent discharges were happening in neighborhoods all over the state. Then yes maybe we should go back to requiring training before a citizen can legally carry a gun, but that's not happening. I live in a big neighborhood and I know there's literally thousands of guns there, we have yet to have a negligent discharge that injured someone that I know of( gunshots are LOUD and almost everyone has rings face book and there are several cops) in the years I've been there.
    Go to any gun range and you're going to see a ton of people that are new shooters, people are training.

    I'm open to beto but it really seems like his campaign is all about triggering emotional responses. I understand it's a tactic used in all advertising, nonetheless it's getting old.
    Honestly I'm still thinking he's more like the California types who use any excuse they can to just take away our right to defend our families from feral humans and criminals.

  5. "This is not about Democrat. This is not about Republican. This is about what is best for Texas." This is about what is best for the USA.

  6. BS! The right to bear arms means exactly that! The government does not need to oversee what people own. This is all left-wing BS! The government needs to mind his own business. The government is not supposed to be in the business of business. Get out of our lives. Time and time again government can’t anything properly.

  7. You could say it's like the old wild West, but you'd be wrong. Most of the towns as you entered you were ordered to give up all of your weapons by the local law enforcement office.

  8. Listen Beto, your team whoever they are they’re not doing a good job man. I guarantee you I would like you if I met you but enough with these childish ads be real

  9. It should be a requirement for all politicians to have run some sort of successful business before they can be eligible to run for office. Most of our politicians have no clue about running a country or a business but will say or do anything to get a vote. We need to stop buying all the crap they shovel to us to get elected.

  10. For its own sake Texas needs to turn blue.
    And Abbott will scream stolen election and repeat trumps lie, it's the Republican way.

  11. Abbot wants to punish women and have more control over them than guns.
    Guns are not toys, they are made to kill people. Even as children got killed he still only promotes guns instead of making protecting our kids. Because in the end all Abbott cares about is pleasing the NRA and getting those donations.

  12. Actually, no. Gun related crime is down across Texas, statistics don't lie, only you ignorant Democrats do as far as guns go. Behind in the polls so you are pandering on a topic you said you weren't for anymore in the beginning of your campaign. Nothing changed since then, Uvalde was 100% the fault of the police response, we don't value our public school children the same as we do politicians or celebrities and lessons had to be learned. You definitely aren't blaming the actions of madmen on the other 99.999999% who don't do anything illegal with their firearms.

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  14. I live in Louisville,KY and I am supporting Beto O'Rourke for Governor of Texas, before election I hope Beto O'Rourke win this because Texas Governor Greg Abbott allowed illegal guns on the and that Texas is not that safe to live in, Governor Greg Abbott is way out of control.

  15. Calm down people. Back in the day (western days) everybody had guns…nobody had formal training…and there was a lot less shootings.

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