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A Look Inside: Call Center Careers | AT&T

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A T And T Customer Service - A Look Inside: Call Center Careers | AT&T

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  1. Currently, im a customer service of AT&T Uverse. Some customers are so rude, even you've already provided them the resolution they still looking for the supervisor.

  2. Ha, that’s not the call center we reach when we call. The call center we get 100% of the time is located 12 time zones away from us: “So very sorry for your inconvenience today, my name is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, and I will be assisting you with apathetic customer service… can you hold for 20 minutes while I pretend to work on it?”

  3. Why can I get a American speaking representative, why is it always somebody with an accent I can’t understand!?

  4. tired now, need smone to start journey, lookin someone for sales call for my services with pays, pure startup, hv financial problem that's why lookin here smone needy for work.

  5. I think they send many calls overseas cos of how widely spoken English is; people worldwide use English in order to get richer. Langs like German on the other hand are only routed to 3 countries, so they get way better support.

  6. If you want a job that will turn you into a sociopath, that will ruin your sleep cycle, that will make you obese and angry all the time. this is the job for you. There is a guy in this video, I saw in his eyes that this job has snatched his soul. No living person should work in a callcenter, this is the most humiliating job someone can ever have. Please lost souls, read this and get a normal job,

  7. Bloked eny contaract with nasa and eny work with nasa and bloked eny thing btwin this campny and abut wat we hav shir in nasa for naw coz we hav with campny nasa brablm and that campny he tek mor many for us

  8. I just want thank you all your from to place it's hard begin quiet at times but it helps better sometimes to really think on things for the better.

  9. I'm in training under this account, this week is our ojt. manifesting that I will be able to pull off my training and sell lines. I will be endorse and stay working in the company for a very long time. will be able to provide for my family. make them proud. MANIFESTING~✨

  10. Why is everyone so negative. I feel like all jobs have some type of problem. It’s great to give some input but seems like everyone has the same negative comment. Most of it is the customers. Like it’s a call center job where you take in calls. You should have known that before taking the job. Stress comes with a lot of jobs ! Your job is to do what your suppose to do , make the money , save the money , feed your family and live !

  11. The call center wouldn’t be so bad if AT&T didn’t sell stupid landlines. The job however pays really well. $75k easily. Just show up and don’t be late.

  12. GO bless every one who read this and let you know the jesus love you no matter what problems you been facing today!!!! talk to him ask him to help you you will see his glory around you!!!!! god bless you!!!

  13. Yes of course.. also, i find it too exciting to have a fault finder behind you listening to all your calls.. u guys should have mentioned that.

  14. So I just finished training with Loyalty this week. While I will say that it’s not a good fit for everybody, if you have a certain mindset about yourself it’s tolerable considering you don’t need a degree for this position. The training was intense and there are super sweet as well as difficult customers. What you put into it is what you will get out of it. It helps if you are a naturally empathetic person and can keep your cool under pressure. For me it’s not as bad as I was expecting based on these comments. Yes things could be better in a lot of ways but on the flip side you do have the opportunity to make some good money with the commission scale.

  15. They over exaggerate all call center jobs. It is a job for the money that is what we want at the end of the day. There is nothing rewarding about taking calls for 8 or 12 hours when you have to deal with ignorant people! It is not rewarding at all.

  16. "There no better feeling" Do I even need to start listing EVERYTHING that feels better than working in a call center? Or maybe start the list of things that Don't "Feel Better" because it's a lot shorter.

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